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Real Testimonials

  • “One of the best technical training I have been through. Even better than those in the training institutions! First time encounter with fiber optics but I feel like a professional and I am more confident now. Trainers are very nice and always willing to share!”
    Ong Wee Kian -
  • ” An excellent course for anyone who wants to learn about fiber optics, or who wants to further their understanding on this topic “
    John Edwards -
  • “Good setup, experienced trainers with relevant industry experience enhanced the effectiveness of the training and with some fun elements add in”
    Wong Long Sang -
  • ” An inspiring approach to teaching with innovative and intelligent method of instruction, really enjoyed the tuition, thanks.”
    Michael Finnie -
  • ” Learn a lot of information from this course.”
    Zain -
  • “Helps me in the knowledge and practical aspects of fibre optics.”
    Joyce -
  • ” Great way to learn practical, real life application of fiber optics in a variety of applications. This course will put you above the rest when it comes to overall knowledge of fiber optic technology. Highly recommended.”
    Nicholas Dyer -
  • “Excellent passion for teaching and knowledge to share. Keep it up.”
    Chetan Chittaranjan -
  • ” An excellent course for anyone who wants to learn about fiber optics, or who wants to further their understanding on this topic “
    John Edwards -
  • ” I’ve learned something useful in this course which I can apply it during my course of work. Very practical and straight forward. The course coordinator is very helpful together with his assistance “
    Muhamad Ridwan B. Samiman -
  • ” Good knowledge imparted, very good class facilities. Good practical sessions “
    Dhamaraj N -
  • “This course provides me with sufficient knowledge on Fiber Optics and hands on of various types of connectors and splicing methods”
    Cheong Soon Hao -
  • “Well organised, excellent presentation, we are never bored and a value for money. Isaac went beyond the scope of study to provide his industrial experiences to share with the participants.”
    Sheikh Fawazi -
  • “I like Mr Isaac do the presentation and his teaching style. Easy to understand.”
    Voon Kim Kiew -
  • “Very good as I had very little knowledge & experience. Friendly and helpful learning.”
    Peter Crackwell -
  • “The training was very good learning experience. Very lively and easy to understand.”
    James Abellera -
  • “Isaac is a good trainer.”
    Vincent Theng -
  • “I can feel Isaac really teaches enthusiastically and hope that we can learn as much as possible.”
    Larry Oei -
  • “The best training and trainer I ever had.”
    Adam Budiutama -
  • “Thank you very much 100G for providing this training. I have learned a lots and enjoy a good time in learning.”
    Yit Weng Yee -
  • “Instructor knowledge is good and fun. Clear and enthusiasm in talking of materila. Systematic manner.”
    Noor -
  • “Excellent to have some of the latest equipment available.”
    Benny Olsen -
  • “Thank you for the course. It opens my eyes on few things regarding F.O. installations in offshore industry, especially for things what’s done not correct way.”
    Mariusz Goral -
  • “Very well presented, well spoken.”
    Simon Chin Fen Yoo -
  • “Great course, good instructor. Learnt alot.”
    Ashley Hollick -
  • “Very pleased with the course as the trainer input with full knowledge and experience.”
    Suffian -
  • ‘This course has greatly increased my knowledge towards Fiber Optics and trainers were well equiped with knowledge and training materials”
    Gan Yik Hao -
  • “An excellent course given by very learned tutors. Very clear and also enjoyable.”
    Michael D Mcgow -
  • “Instructor gave a good presentation on skills and knowledge impart. Skills and thory-based relevant.”
    Neo Wei Yee -
  • “I came with zero knowledge but after 3 days, I have learnt a lot.”
    Samuel Sim -
  • “Isaac is a very good presenter. Adding magic is a good idea too.”
    Allan Tan -
  • “Awesome trainers, facilities and equipments. With such good support from the industries, this makes the training more complete. Highly recommended training for those in fiber optics and telco industry.”
    Aria Wenda -
  • “One of the courses I have enjoyed myself. Isaac is an interesting and knowledgeable facilitator and I look forward to signing up for the testing course.”
    Chua Ju Jin -
  • “Interesting and well planned, easy to follow and absorb”
    Yap Thiam Soon -
  • “Fun Learning, no stress, very easy to digest all the training material. The know-how can immediately be applied to our work”
    Ronaldo Mendoza -
  • “Good learning experience with 100G”
    Thomas Toh -
  • “The trainer makes it easy for us to understad everything about the training/course. People who is new in Fiber Optics like me learned a lot by the way they deliver the training. I had fun so much.”
    Perpetua Jose Ricarte -
  • “The instructor Isaac put in a lot of practical and experience to illustrate. Very practical and good knowledge.”
    Bay Eng Seng -
  • “It’s very useful, instructor knows very well about Fiberoptic. I learn more than textbook”
    Murali -
  • “Overall it’s a very good experience. Very relevant for my field.”
    Mark Anthony Juanitas -
  • “Good & useful gifts, cup & thumbdrive. Instructor willing to share and very engaging. Very patient with the class.”
    Daniel Ang -
  • “Good knowledge imparted, very good class facilities. Good prctical sessions.”
    Dharmaraj N -
  • “Very good and interesting”
    Lin Ling -
  • “The trainer has excellent practical experience in the area of his teaching”
    Lim Chek Boon -
  • “The instructors are very professional and knowledgeable.”
    Peh Lian Peng -
  • “Gain new and very useful knowledge and informations”
    Ng Wei Ann -
  • “A very good insight on fiber optic cables. The different types, installation and equipment on fiber optic cables”
    Mardi Bin Ramadzan -
  • “Good theory and practical training”
    Salim -
  • “Very helpful and satisfactory, very good trainer.”
    Evelio D. Canedo -
  • “I learnt a lot for such a short duration. It is definitely very enriching and value for money. I feel that no other course are on par with the training here”
    Kang Weng Hon -
  • “Very informtive and relevant practical. Trainer is great and friendly.”
    Lim Sai Mui -
  • “Training is good and useful. Build good foundation.”
    Ron Teng -
  • “Instructors very professional & knowledgeable!.”
    Chew Seow Siang George -
  • “Very active training and engaging. Information on theory is very sufficient. Workbook is very useful to summarise the details.”
    Daniel Ang -
  • “It was fun throughout the entire course.Great learning environment and good materials.”
    Mohamad Syafiq -
  • “Another good experience with 100G. Isaac is a good trainer that will never makes you bored & willing to share more.”
    Kenneth Tay -
  • “Very Informative and obtained first handly experience on fiber optic as if working on real environment.”
    Isag Abdulla -
  • “This has been one of the most insightful yet enjoyable training I’ve attended so far. Thank you!”
    John Huang -
  • “I have got so much knowledge although I have no working experience on fiber optic after attending this course for just 3 days. And I have find it very interesting and challenging in this industry.”
    Hendrick Lee -
  • “Very good ! ! !”
    Eddy Goh -
  • “A very enriching training to attend.”
    William Low -

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