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About 100G


We are known as a training provider that delivers top class certification programs.

100G Training has trained many individuals from a wide range of professions, from those who has no prior knowledge and skills to those who are top executives and business owners. Everyone has been shown the greatest attention and respect.


Good Greetings! 100G Training provides your training needs

100G programs aim to help individuals upgrade their skills, knowledge and attitude. At the same time, the programs allowed them to obtain international certification which are recognized and sought after by the industry. The individuals benefited by applying what they learn with us, and thus are able to improve their lives.

1. Who We Are?

100G is in the business of Training & Consultancy.

We are the only provider of FOA programs in Singapore and we are authorized to provide the same programs to the countries in Asia.

We are also provider of DISC assessments for TTI Success Insights

2. Why…   How…    What We do…

We believe in the wondrous of continue learning & it can empower an individual to produce outstanding results. We believe we are born with extraordinary capacity for learning & the amazing results that follow when one applies what one learns.

In everything we do, we challenge ourselves to provide more value and make learning easy. The way we provide value is by looking at how we can give more and designing our courses to let people learn faster than they ever thought they could.

At the same time, we make them to believe in themselves and inspire them to have great attitudes. We believe we can make a difference in people’s lives.

Our forte is to impart, instill and  inspire. Impart knowledge and skill, instill good attitude and inspire action to success.

The power of sincerity, words and action can change. lives…if you would allow us, we like to positively impact your life too.

3. Who Recommends Us

Telecom personnel, Operation & maintenance personnel, Data Centers Specialists, plant & facility managers, M&E consultants & contractors, fire/safety officers, etc within various industries: marine & offshore, oil & gas, petrochemical, building & construction, automotive, civil defence, cable manufacturers, insurance (risk asset management), energy/power generation, security & surveillance.

Solid training with proven credibility & with certifications that are of international standards!

``Good learning experience with 100G`` ~Thomas Toh~

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