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Certified Fiber Optic Specialist Design

Certified Fiber Optic Specialist /Design (CFOS/D) course

Certified Fiber Optic Specialist Design

This program is designed for those who already have a first level FOA CFOT certification and wish to pursue the rewards and recognition of higher level certifications like CFOS/D. The CFOS designation is for advanced, well-trained, experienced fiber optic technicians, thus the requirements for these certifications are more stringent than those for the CFOT or CPCT.

The FOA CFOS/D Certification requires:

  • Current first level certification (with valid FOA membership)
  • Attend CFOS/D training course from FOA-Approved schools
  • Passing the Specialist CFOS/D certification exam

This is a specialist certification covering Fiber Optic cabling design and installation, which includes both premises and outside plants.

Participants will be taught:

  • Overview of Fiber Optic Design
  • Fiber Optic Installation
  • Planning a Fiber Optic Network
  • Choosing Components
  • Design Review
  • Testing and Documentation
  • Estimating Project Budget
  • Case Studies

Text Book, Course notes and material for hands-on practices will be provided.

Course Assessment: This program combines theory and case studies for different design scenarios. The CFOS/D written assessment is given and graded at the end of the class.

Course Objective: This program prepares the participants to take the Certified Fiber Optic Specialist /Design CFOS/D exam that is sanctioned by The FOA (The Fiber Optic Association). Participants would have achieved certain performance criteria that reflect they have the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) in Fiber Optics.

Seats are limited, please register soon to admin@100g.com.sg

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